Jory Rozner Strosberg, ThePropertyDiva

Jory Rozner Strosberg, ThePropertyDiva

One thing about me is that I’m a celebrity obsessed, People Magazine reading person.  I look forward every week to my Star Magazine.  I just can’t help myself.  And, then add fabulous real estate to the mix and I’m in heaven.  So here, I begin my blog on celebrity real estate.

Sadly, one of my favorite directors, John Hughes, of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fame, passed away several months ago.  So sad…I grew up with his movies, exactly the same age as his characters when they came out so I could really relate.

Now, two John Hughes related real estate deals have come to light.

The first is a house for sale in Highland Park, Illinois.  Not just any house, but the house where Ferris Bueller’s best friend Cameron lived (in the movie)  Its a really cool house.  I’ve been in it because I’m a real estate broker here in Chicago and part of my job is looking at cool houses.  Its a mid-century modern home cantilevered on a ravine.  If you can recall, they drove Cameron’s father’s Ferrari through the glass walls into the ravine in the movie.  Well, the glass has been repaired and the space is well insulated again!  Anyway, the house, despite needing a massive overhaul, has a unique structure and amazing setting.  It was originally on the market for $2.3million and has recently been reduced to $1.8million.  Yes, it is still overpriced, but maybe somebody will pay a premium since it was featured in a movie.

Take a look at the virtual tour of the Ferris Beuller house.

The second is a home just purchased by the widow of John Hughes.  She closed on the house mid-October and paid $5.2million.  It was originally listed at $5,795,000.  Its a 17 room, 9500SF (including a 2300SF finished basement) Tudor style home built in 2005.  You cross a 55foot private bridge to get to the home located just 1 block from Lake Michigan.  Dennis Rodkin from Chicago magazine goes into more details of the home in his Deal Estate blog.

What do you think of these houses?


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